KC registered English Springer Spaniel Puppy Playtime

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“Okay, so all my brothers and sisters are asleep so come on Mr Bear give it your best shot”.

So, all the puppies (KC registered English Springer Spaniels) are asleep and this one just wants to play. Just like young children all the puppies like to play with the cuddly bear. It actually belongs to the puppies father Archy and it is his favourite toy that he carries to bed each night. Archy has lots of cuddly toys, so he does not mind sharing with his pups. It really is nice though to see the puppies growing up, each day they grow bigger and become more mischievous and adventurous.

We tend to get our cuddly toys from charity shops, this way other people/organisations benefit from the proceeds. More importantly though, we also find that children’s toys are more robustly made than a lot of small cuddly toys made for animals. I think this is due to the British Standards in relation to baby and small children’s toys being more rigorously applied. The puppies also have a lot of new purpose made pet toys to play with, but they do insist on playing with Archy’s bear. As soon as they start to play with the other toys then I definitely feel another video will be on it’s way, so make sure you all keep checking our site.

In the next day or so I will be putting together a video showing the puppies weaning. I have only used what I believe to be one of the best puppy foods available, it may not be everyone’s choice but it is ours and I have to say that both mother and puppies love Lily’s Kitchen puppy foods. So make sure you check out our next blog/video.

We hope you enjoy the short video and I hope you all agree that the puppy is definitely a star. Thanks for watching.


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